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The great Indian Himalayas brings an enticing opportunity for the adventure enthusiasts to try their hard hands on trekking at the vast valleys of the Himalayas. Trekking in Indian Himalayas is simply a magnificent experience at its different locations. The Indian Himalayas are plainly the “home of the snows” that forms a knot between Myanmar, China and India where India is simply the perfect destination to many majestic peaks including the highest Kanchenjunga as well as Nanda Devi peak in the world.

The Himalayan treks attract many adventure lovers with different thrilling opportunities of trekking at its variant routes. You can simply indulge yourself into the amazing activities of trekking in India and explore the vast and explicit altitudes of Himalayan regions by experiencing the surreal freshness and serenity.

We at Himalayan Adventure Tours offer many exploring opportunities of trekking in India at various popular regions including Ladakh, Garhwal, Sikkim & Himachal and of course the neighboring countries’ regions like Nepal & Bhutan. Interestingly, trekking in India bestows different medium impressively from simple to moderate to tough climbing; that attracts everyone right from the beginners to the experienced climbers. Since we are having more than 20 years of experience in conducting different trekking programs in India, your adventure holidays is really going to be a worthy experience.

If you have it in you, you can truly conquer the world with the help of our experienced staffs who will guide you throughout your enthusiastic expedition to attain the heights of the Great Indian Himalayas.


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Client Testimonials

Chadar trekking was a fantastic experience and adventure... Until the 15th I only saw one tourist, but after 15th more people showed up. The guide Lama looked behind every time danger was near for me or for my equipment. At one point he even risked his own safety by when he jumped to hold me from sliding down from a high frozen waterfall into the Zanskar river.

Peter Goorts